Thanks GNC!

I am very happy to be part of the GNC Pro Sports Team and two years and four months have passed already! Marlon and Moris have put a lot of effort in keeping this team alive. Thank you for acknowledging every single triumph we achieve in Guatemala and internationally, also for caring about us as persons.
GNC Pro Sports Team
These are the supplements I take: Vitamin C (1000mg)®, calcium, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, and Women’s Active® multivitamins. All these are always present as a complement of my diet. Half a year has passed since the last time I fell sick with a cold (as stated in my previous entry) and being sponsored by GNC has helped me to take care of myself. The rest of my knee (almost healed from an inflammation) and taking Tri Flex® has helped me to keep my joints strong, my muscles also recover faster and keep protected from overtraining as I drink Oh Yeah!®, Syntha 6®, and Endurox R4® protein shakes. To prevent dehydration and crumples in every long training session I eat GU®, these come in gels or as GU Brew® which are pastilles that dissolve in water. These I spread along the road, hiding them in specific points to pick them up as necessary.

I have given a brief summary with every brand found in the GNC market, available in every store to be easily found. As you know, is very strong and with the help of the GNC team  I became a better athlete with a better physic capacity to endure my sport. Not only that, but also every single member of the team motivate me to keep fighting for my dreams.

Thank you for supporting national athletes!